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Alerts are sent out via push notification thru our app so you never miss a beat.

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Updates are released on active alerts through out the week.


Enjoy any one of our bustling chat rooms full of expert traders here to help you.

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Playlists are released each night so you go into the morning ready for battle.

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Enjoy our arsenal of investor tools like halt alerts, upcoming IPO’s, daily news, earnings lists, a newsletter and a lot more.


If education is your thing, you’re sure to be delighted. We are always adding new content.

About Team RVR

What We Do

Team RVR provides high caliber push notification alerts backed by countless hours of research and unsurpassed expertise. Alerts are sent out with signature Risk Ratings, Confidence Ratings, Entry Price, Profit Target, Charting and more.

As a member you’ll enjoy our Investor Tools Section, included with all memberships. Tools include Live Halt Alerts, SEC filings, Upcoming Earnings, Daily Market News, Pro Tips and Upcoming IPO’s. Daily watch-lists are also published each night around 8PM ET.

What the Membership Includes

Membership includes our newsletter that summarizes and puts a fresh perspective on what’s going on in the market.

We use Discord as the interface for our service. After signing up you’ll be re-directed to download Discord (Free App) and be dropped into the welcome page of our server. Discord is available for Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android devices. 

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